Manchester Based Photographer – David Gleave

Through thorough research, I was able to find a Manchester based photography who predominantly focus’ on street photography within the City. Even though the majority of his shots are focused on people and portrait shots, I am able to take inspiration from the shots because of the locations and editing style.

His ‘Urban Style’ gallery is full of portrait and similar shots, even though this would be including a human aspect to my work, this is not the type of photography I have previously researched and intend on shooting. All of Gleave’s photos are in a monochrome theme suggesting that he may want to create an emotion within his work. I will be editing my ‘decay’ photography similar to this. He images have a photoshoot-like david gleave 1 .jpgfeel to them, this means to me that people have been told do stand in certain positions and pull certain poses/facial expressions. To me this take away from the realistic/natural aspect of the work. Within in my work (if I am including a human aspect) I would will be keeping everything natural, this means I will try to capture people moving instead of asking them to just take a photo of them.

Gleave took inspiration from an 18th Century, Manchester based, street photographer, Samuel Coulthurst. Coulthurst’s main focus within his photography is to capture a truthful shot of locals of the City. The difference between each others shots is the fact that Coulthurst’s photography appears to be more natural as his photos aren’t in a photoshoot format.

Anon, (2019). [image] Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2019].

davidgleavephoto. (2019). About | davidgleavephoto. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2019].

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 09.00.52

This screen shot is from the ‘In the City’ collection upon Gleave’s website, this is interesting to me because he focus’ on facial expressions to capture the street. There are various different forms of street photography, and to me he doesn’t really capture ‘street’ very well.  All of his images in this gallery are showcased in black and white, apart from one. This could be because of the dark clothes and dark hair contrasted against the red shutter background creating an ageing emotion by itself (without the use of a  black and white filter.)

david gleave

Anon, (2019). [image] Available at: [Accessed 5 Apr. 2019].

Within Gleave’s Black and White imagery of a busy City, he has decided to distinguish one person out of the rest, making him the focal point. The human aspect which is seen in most street photography fills the screen. Gleave has used the ‘rules of thirds’ to engage the audience to the images focal point and the surrounding area. The depth of field within the image allows the main focus of the image to stand out, but also to show an over the should shot to create the effect that only because the focal point has stopped, doesn’t mean that the rest of the City has stopped. The inclusion of the black and white theme allows the viewer to understand more about the image and distinguish the detail used in the image.

By researching a photographer who is based in one of the Cities that I will be taking photos in will allows me to take inspiration from some his shots and editing techniques. Even though he produces a different form of street photography to what I will be capturing, I will still be able to gain and idea of what techniques best suit diffrent locations. All of his images include a focal point, this is something that I want to include within all of my photography. I will do this by using composition within the image e.g. rules of thirds, leading lines.



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